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Having an issue that requires the help of a lawyer can be frustrating. We understand that finding the right business litigation lawyers can be tricky because you want someone who can be dependable. Wu Law Firm is here to help you through this complicated process. Please call us as soon as you can to set up your initial consultation. We want to help you make this process easier as you deal with something that’s very stressful. We will let you focus on what you need to do and take care of all the litigation for you. Call us right away to set up your consultation with our business litigation lawyers to get started.

Why You Need Business Litigation Lawyers

When there is wrongdoing that is harming your business, you need the help of lawyers who know what they are doing. Our business litigation lawyers have become skilled and knowledgeable about these types of issues so that you don’t have to worry about the legal aspect of running a business. Especially if the business is a corporation, there is a need for a defensive strategy to protect the business from risks. No one wants to have a bad business deal or relationship, but you need to be ready for that when they happen. Litigators are there to help handle a deal gone wrong or to take measures to prevent bad business practices. These disputes can be very complicated and it can be something your business isn’t ready for, which is why a lawyer is needed.

We work deftly and quickly to help businesses with these matters. These cases involve a lot of sensitive information, and we want to be at your side as soon as possible to protect your business.

Recoverable Damages

Business litigation is going to look different for each person. Types of damages that you can recover will vary based on your circumstances.

Here are the most common types of damages we see in business litigation cases:

  • Compensation damages is the first thing that you will likely see from the defendant, if you are the plaintiff. This covers any losses that you can prove and should restore your financial situation to what it was before the loss has occurred. That includes losses of profits and income.
  • If there are losses that are harder to determine they are called reliance damages. This kind of compensation is meant to cover anything that the plaintiff is due from the defendant based on their failure to oblige on a contracted matter.
  • Restitution damages are sometimes awarded in business relation cases. This is usually when there is a breach of contract where the defendant has not delivered what they promised to. Whatever the value of the failure the defendant caused was will be compensated back to the plaintiff.
  • Liquidated damages are sometimes seen directly in contracts that dictate how much a defendant would owe the plaintiff if there is a failure to honor the contract. If there is nothing in the contract about liquidated damages, the court can deliberate about the competition that is owed by the defendant to the plaintiff.
  • On some occasions, there will be punitive damages given to the plaintiff if the defendant acted in a malicious way.

What is a Business Law?

From the moment a business is formed, and throughout its life cycle, there are legal issues that must be addressed. Business law is not one area of law, but many areas that govern a company’s formation, operation, contracts, financing, intellectual property, securities and even insolvency. Businesses and their owners require legal advisors who understand their needs and can help them achieve their objectives, protect their assets and avoid common pitfalls.

Who We Represent

Our client base covers an extensive range of industries including technology, e-commerce, medical, food and beverage, fashion, branding and marketing, video games, biotechnology, manufacturing, distribution, cosmetics and advertising.

What We Do

We offer a variety of corporate legal services, tailored to the demands of companies, individuals and entrepreneurs. We provide clarity, guidance and strategic business law counsel to our clients as they establish their entities, raise financing and buy or sell assets. Our business attorneys take a pragmatic approach to finding legal solutions and getting it done.

Mergers and Acquisitions

As businesses grow, they often look to purchase or merge with another company. While these opportunities can be lucrative, they also introduce legal and financial risks into the business. Mergers and acquisitions often involve corporate, securities and antitrust laws. Our experienced business attorneys can help evaluate the best way to structure the deal, negotiate favorable terms and address necessary details in order to protect a company’s interests and minimize liability.

Legal Due Diligence

A big risk for a business is entering into a deal without knowing all the facts. By performing legal due diligence, the parties to the transaction are able to gather and analyze relevant information about each other before the deal closes. The due diligence process is essential to protecting a party’s interests and ensuring they make well-informed decisions about whether and/or how to move forward with the arrangement. Our attorneys engage with clients throughout the due diligence process by providing a checklist of information to request (or deliver), evaluating the data, and advising clients on how the details may impact the transaction or how to mitigate any negative effects through the negotiation and contract drafting stages.

Business Agreements

Nearly every aspect of a business’s operations involves contracts. Whether it’s a commercial lease, purchase agreement or employment contract, companies should seek legal advice before entering into any business agreements. Our attorneys work closely with clients to understand their objectives and needs and ensure they are documented in an enforceable contract.

Business Sales and Purchases

The purchase or sale of a business is a significant transaction that involves a variety of financial and legal issues. Buyers need to do their due diligence and determine whether the purchase is the right decision, while sellers must figure out what they want to sell (assets or stock) and under which terms. Both sides need strong representation to guide them through the process, negotiate the transaction and handle the legal documents required to finalize the deal.

Start-Up Law

We help business owners get started off on the right foot by advising them on which entity may be most appropriate for them (i.e., an LLC or Corporation) and preparing necessary business filings and corporate documents. In addition, we provide services relating to a business’s financing, leasing, intellectual property and independent contractor or employment agreements.

Privacy Policies / Terms and Conditions

Businesses that collect the personal information of website or app visitors may be subject to a host of laws implemented to protect consumers’ privacy. Privacy policies outline points such as what personal information will be gathered and how the information will be used. Our attorneys have extensive experience drafting privacy policies and advising clients on how to comply with their own policy and the various laws.

Additionally, a business which provides products or services should also have “terms and conditions,” establishing the business relationship between the provider and consumer and outlining the details of the transaction. Having a well-drafted terms and conditions section may protect the provider’s product or services from unauthorized use and minimize disputes between the parties.

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Matthew was my attorney for my divorce. He is patient and always provided me with excellent advice. He always returned my calls or emails quickly and gave my case its full attention. He continues to help me with ongoing issues with custody etc. I would highly...

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Matthew knows many of the district attorneys and that makes a real difference in pleading a DUI case.

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Matthew did a great job of listening to my concerns and suggestions. He was very open and receptive to any ideas I had. He gave me the best advice for each aspect of my divorce process. I always felt he respected my wishes and had my best interests in the...

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