Potential Defenses

The type of defense that a person uses after being charged with a white collar crime will depend in large part on the specific crime in question. There are, however, a few common defense strategies that have proven successful more often than others, including:

  • A lack of intent, which involves proving that a defendant did not intentionally violate state or federal law;
  • Entrapment, which can be used as a defense when a defendant was pushed into the criminal activity by undercover law enforcement officers;
  • Evidence obtained through unlawful search or seizure, which if established, can result in the illegally seized evidence being thrown out by the court;
  • Coercion, which requires proof that a defendant was coerced or forced into committing the fraudulent act in question; and
  • Lack of knowledge, which involves providing proof that the defendant did not have knowledge that a crime was being committed.

For help determining whether any of these defense strategies could apply to your own case, please contact our dedicated white collar crime legal team today.

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